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IDX MLS Integration

Allow visitors to search the MLS right from your website using the latest in real estate website IDX technology.


Search Engine Optimization Built into Every Page
Every page of your site is optimized for the search engines! Including meta tags and meta description giving them their own custom title, keywords, and description which will add to their credibility and visibility in the search engines, ranking your site higher in the search engines results. We also give our clients a Search Engine Optimization reference guide for helping them understand Search Engine Optimization tactics, increasing their page ranking In the search engines.


Lead Generator
Several Lead Generating forms are placed strategically through out your site. The contact forms, relocation packet form, and request additional information form (on the listing page) offer your visitors a non-threatening way to contact you.


You can also view Lead information to:

  • Determine how your visitors arrived at your site
  • How long they stayed
  • What pages they viewed (and how long they viewed those particular pages)
  • What links they clicked on, etc.
  • What “searches” they preformed, letting you know exactly what they are looking for, and what they are interested in.

There is also a statistical page that you can view information of about your visitors to help you determine which marketing efforts are working, and which ones aren’t. Including:

  • Number of “Hits” (visitors)
  • Daily, weekly, or monthly visits.
  • How many pages of your site were viewed.


Flash Header    A flash Header will give you the professional appearance that you are looking for, while adding credibility to your website by using the latest in graphic design in website technology. Flash Headers are completely customizable to your specific needs (pictures, branding, logos, name, etc) 


Easy Administration Tools    Simple to use administration tools put you in the drivers seat, letting you add or edit content, add or update listings, add images and virtual tours, create an article directory, and much, much more. You can control your website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year from any computer.


Free Domain Name
Sign up now and get a free domain name. You can either use your existing Domain name, or we will help you find the right one.

Completely Customizable
The look & feel of your website, as well as the content, can be customized to reflect the image you want to portray.
Including font styles, colors, wallpaper, etc.

Built in Article Directory       The built in article directory allows you to add your own keyword-rich content, and it even automatically builds an index page for you. This can really make your website stand out in the search engines.


Information request form
Your site includes an optional “pop-up” request form, which requests information from your visitors to be able to serve them better. You can determine if and when the information request form appears.


Unlimited Pages
Using the built-in Page Builder adding content is as easy as using a word processor. And you can add as much content as you'd like.


Unlimited Links     You can add unlimited amounts of links to your website, by either linking pages within your website (making navigation a breeze), or by linking to outside websites adding to your websites credibility.


Landing Page     Links are designed to open a new window to keep your visitors at YOUR site, instead of sending them to the link site.

Site Map       A Built in site map, creating an easy to use navigation to your site as well as increasing your visibility and credibility with the Search Engines.

Available 24/7/365
Your website is like an employee that never sleeps, always available to answer questions and generate leads.
Access and administer your website from any computer.

Free Upgrades
As we make improvements and add new features they are automatically added to your site. There is no software to install, no downtime, and no extra costs.

Navigation Control
Fully control your website navigation menu. Whether you want top, side, or bottom navigation is totally up to you (or you can have all three).
Simple For You, Simple For Your Visitors
Our software has been designed from the ground up to be easy to use, for both you and your visitors.

Easy Page Builder
Using our easy Page Builder adding unlimited pages of content or article directory is as easy as using a word processor.
Enter and format your content just like using Microsoft Word.

Unlimited Email Forwarding
Email forwarding allows you to have as many virtual email accounts as you would like, and they can be forwarded to one or more email addresses of your choosing. It's a great way to organize your office or track different marketing efforts.

30 Day garanteed satisfaction
Use your website for up to 30 days. If you're not completely satisfied with it, let us know and we'll refund 100% of your money.

Unlimited Listings
You can add as many listings as you need. You can select listings to feature on your home page.

Unlimited Images & Virtual Tours
For each of your listings you can have as many images and virtual tours as you'd like.

Advanced Property Search
The advanced property search allows your visitors to search the entire MLS by price, number of bedrooms or bathrooms, lot size, and much more. When they find a listing they're interested in, it's you they'll contact for more information.

Testimonial Page Our Websites include a "Testimonial" page built right into the site, that way you can add as many Testimonials of your past clients right into your site.

Staff Page
If you have employees, staff, or anybody else that you'd like to add to your site, you can add them into the Saff page, that shows their biography, pictures, and contact information. 

Mortgage Calculator
The mortgage calculator on the listing page allows your visitors to decide which properties are within their reach and which aren't.

Mapping Integration
Integration with Google Maps™ allows your visitors to see exactly where your listings are located, on a map, on satellite images, or on a hybrid of the two.

Have a Professional Website in as little as 48 hours!
Now you can have your own custom website, complete with built-in MLS search and powerful lead generation, all in as little as 48 hours. Your new website will be rich with features that would take thousands of dollars and months to create otherwise.

About Us    An “About Us” page can easily be added to your navigation menu, informing visitors about your background, qualifications, and other information. (Photo, business logo, etc)


For Sale By Owner     Add and display For Sale By Owner listings. Upload photos, and descriptions about each property, giving you unlimited listing potential.


Contact us    Visitors can fill out an online contact form placed strategically through out the site.


School Information    Provide your visitors with local school information in your area.


Buyer/Seller Tips    Add buyer and seller tip articles to your website for your visitors to read. Which help increase your visibility and ranking in the search engines.


Glossary of Terms     Add a glossary of real estate terms to your website.


Testimonials    Add client testimonials to your site.


Open House Information     Display a schedule of upcoming events, such as open houses of your listings.


Preferred Lender     Enter (and a link) of your information for your preferred lender(s).


Text Editor     When writing content pages, your website will include a text editor to enter and format your content just like using Microsoft Word.


Images     Add unlimited images to your website.


E-mail aliases    When a visitors fills out any of the Lead generating forms, that infomation can be e-mailed directly from your website ( which will automatically be forwarded to any e-mail address that you'd like (youremail@personaladdy)


Weather     Display the weather on your website, which is updated automatically every day.


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